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Our company is a configuration of an international team specialised in project management and general contractor able to deliver a project from A to Z.

ampia is focused to follow luxury brands not only in Europe but worldwide. 


The company was created in 2005, the founders were already involved in the project management business since many years. It is formed by professionals who care and are able to understand the needs of the clients, with a particular inclination for the luxury world. 

The team includes Engineers, Interior Architects, project managers who used to follow projects personally on site having control on costs, timing, details and quality.

Permanent site management, rigorous organisation and preparation are musts.


It is our purpose that  the client has his own interlocutor to avoid possible confusion and lack of information.  


The main office is based in Bellersen, located at the heart of Germany, in a village where the respect for nature is still a priority; the care of the environment also during the construction site is a natural logical part of the project and there is no need to make publicity of it. 


Despite the apparent rural origins, in modern times flexibility is required. So each component has its own home office based in Hamburg, Berlin, Vicenza and Lüneburg. Each of us can reach in short time to every corner in Europe. The team is a mix between the German precision, the  research for quality and the Italian taste for design and flexibility. This capacity is an appreciated side by our trusted clients.  


In the past years a long selection of trusted contractors used to work in the retail world was realised and this selection gives us today the possibility to cover almost all main European cities guaranteeing a high quality service, a good result and a strong maintenance service. 

The respect of timing and the control over the costs have never been abused in all our projects, we believe this is the reason why the clients were always satisfied with our work.  That's why we’ve never had the need to research for new clients; the clients were looking for us.  


And the last but not least, it is our company policy to respect not only the needs of the clients but also for the workers and contractors involved in our projects which have to be awarded for their efforts.  

The key for a successful result is the satisfaction of all involved parts, from the clients to the architects, from the contractors to us.

Each single project, as a snowflake pattern, is different than the others and brings a particular satisfaction, therefore we are ready to engage all kind of future  projects with the same enthusiasm and passion we always had.


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